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Choosing the college program that is best for you is no easy task! There are many excellent schools that teach media art and production. How do you decide? I think there are five things you should look at when making a choice:

1. Think about what is most important element in achieving success after you graduate. Your program of study should include a broad range of topics so that you are prepared to succeed in a variety of jobs.
2. Look for the quality and variety of student media.Your college television, radio and newspaper media should be “first class” and have a reputation in both the academic and professional community for their overall quality
3. Look for the quality of school’s internship program. If you are a media student, the internship program is invaluable for training, networking and obtaining employment.
4. Look at the alumni base and the support mechanism. This is the network that will help you find your place in the real world - make sure it is active, loyal and encouraging to graduates entering the field.
5. Look at the environment of the town where you will spend your four years. What does it offer in terms of recreation, entertainment, cuisine, and environmental quality?
...You may end up doing something quite different than you planned but it will be probably related to what you most want to do—and you will probably love it! You need to consider a school that offers the opportunity for a broad range of learning, not just “using a camera” or "sound editing" (but we will help you to become an expert in some specific part of media-making).  You also might need  business, marketing,  social science , music or a foreign language so that you are prepared to succeed and Ithaca offers many course choices to satisfy your interests. Our graduates give us constant input into the success of our program and the “scope of learning” is a constant positive. 
...The student media of the Park School is regularly recognized among the highest honored in the country. Currently our radio station, WICB is ranked #1 in the US by the Princeton Review and our newspaper, The Ithacan,  is also ranked at the top position by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.  Ithaca also has an award winning website for writers, Imprint Magazine, an alternative magazine, Buzzsaw, and several other wonderful opportunities for a media student to practice their craft. We also have a Transmedia Studio, where students can gain funding and production support in a setting similar to a Hollywood studio production model.   

...Ithaca College was first with an enhanced “L.A. Program,” a chance to learn and study in Los Angeles. This program has been among the nation's most successful intern experiences and used as a model by several other media schools. Excellent internship opportunities are also afforded by the school’s New York City and London Programs.


...Our dedicated alums in the work community speak to our students in the classroom, mentor in the field and always seem open to give advice and support to our students. There is a real Bomber tradition of support and it has continued to be one of the strongest benefits of our school.       


...Ithaca is not a big city but has a surprisingly “worldly” feel. Between Ithaca College, Cornell University and a “hyper-active” arts community, you will find so much to do if you like movies, theatre,  music, restaurants, art and interesting speakers from throughout the world. Look for an environment where you can thrive in the outdoors as well: there are unlimited recreational opportunities in Ithaca and the Finger lakes and we enjoy pristine air, water and in a safe and caring community. 



Explore each of these elements and "take it all in" --you'll get a sense of how you fit in. Your choice should be a place where you can excel!

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